Conner a panelist at Berlin 'feed the world' summit

By Maggie Smith

Auburn University poultry science department head and professor Don Conner was an invited member of a panel that addressed the challenges of feeding the world during a Berlin, Germany, symposium on the growing global demand for poultry and other animal protein products.

The 2019 Berlin Summit, sponsored by the farm equipment manufacturing and distributing company AGCO, brought together researchers, politicians, food industry representatives and animal welfare specialists from several countries to discuss the protection of farm animals’ health and well-being in the context of modern agriculture. The summit’s theme was “feeding the world—the future for protein.”

In his comments, Conner said poultry and meat producers operate more efficiently and sustainably with each new scientific or technological advance brought about through agricultural research and stressed the critical need for ongoing agricultural research initiatives aimed toward increasing productivity and profitability and improving the care for and health of farm animals. Policies related to animal husbandry and animal welfare must be made based on science-backed data, he said.

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